Activities Search Feature on Sunday School Zone

Sunday School Zone has over 2,000 free, printable Bible activities related to more than 100 Bible stories (and the number is growing!). We try to make it easy to find a particular activity on a particular story, but it can still be difficult to find what you’re looking for just because of the large number of possibilities. So, we have added a new, advanced searching feature to help you find the specific kind of activity you’re looking for among the many Bible stories and Bible characters.

Activities Search

By clicking on the Activities Search menu heading in the main navigation bar (see image to the right), you will go to a page where you can tell the system exactly what you’re looking for and it will show you. You will be able to identify the story, any character we cover, the type of activity and more. And, you can do them all at the same time!

You can still select a Bible story from the list and then find the kind of activity you want from that story. And, you can still search for something specific in the normal search field (toward the top, right-hand corner) that will help you with other kinds of content such as blog posts, curriculum lessons, etc. But, if you’re looking for a particular ACTIVITY, this advanced search feature will help you find it quickly and easily. This is a great feature and we hope it will make your use of Sunday School Zone even more valuable!

Thank you for using Sunday School Zone!

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