Abraham Was Tested Video Story

When God promised Abraham a son, Abraham believed in God’s promise even when he was old and it seemed impossible. Abraham was a man of great faith, but Abraham’s faith was tested when God called him to sacrifice his son, Isaac. Abraham loved God and wanted to please him, but he also loved his son very much. God had given Isaac to Abraham as a miracle child. God had promised to give Isaac children and grandchildren. That would not be possible if Isaac were dead. Could God raise him from the dead if Abraham obeyed? Abraham believed God could and would! (See Hebrews 11:19.) Abraham believed that God would find a way as long as he was obedient. This Abraham Was Tested Video Story is about the story of Abraham being tested and will help kids understand God’s power and ability to provide for us in order to accomplish His purposes.

Simply click here to view and download this video story. You are welcome to download the video for use in class or at home.

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