Adam and Eve Sinned Bible Story Summary

This story summary is about “The Fall” or the circumstances surrounding the sin of Adam and Eve found in Genesis 3. This is an important story for kids to learn, so you may wish to review this summary to see if there’s an emphasis you want to include when you tell the story. You may also find the story truth identified below to be helpful. This summary is also available as a downloadable PDF by clicking here or on the Get Activity button below. You should always seek to adapt the story as needed to make it appropriate for the kids under your care.

Bible Text: Genesis 2:15-17; 3:6, 8-10, 22-23

Bible Story Truth(s):

  • Although God gives us many good things, just like He gave Adam and Eve a beautiful garden, disobedience can mess things up.

Story: God had placed Adam and Eve in a special garden that was very beautiful. In it were fish, animals, and lovely plants and trees. There also was plenty of food to eat. Adam and Eve worked every day taking care of the garden. They talked with God each day as well. God loved Adam and Eve, and they loved God.

God had only one rule for Adam and Eve. He told them not to eat the fruit of a certain tree. One day, Eve saw the tree from which she was not supposed to eat. It was lovely and the fruit was beautiful. Satan, God’s enemy, used a very sly animal called a serpent to lie to Eve about the fruit and about God. Even though she knew God’s rule, Eve chose to eat from the tree. She also gave Adam a piece of the fruit, and he ate it.

Suddenly, Adam and Eve knew they had done something very wrong. They felt afraid and sad. They even tried to hide so God could not find them, but no one can hide from God! God knew what they had done. God asked Adam, “Where are you?” even though He knew where they were.

God was trying to help Adam understand what he’d done and what had happened because of what he did.

Adam said, “I am hiding because I am afraid.” God was sad that Adam and Eve had disobeyed His rule. He told the man and the woman that they would have to leave the garden. Still, God did not stop loving and caring for Adam and Eve. God made clothes for them. He loved Adam and Eve even though they had disobeyed Him.

God loves us, too, even when we disobey Him. We don’t need to try to hide from God but should admit to Him we’ve done wrong whenever we realize we’ve disobeyed Him. We also should tell Him we’re sorry for what we’ve done.

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