Christmas Stable Ornament Craft

Certainly among the many images of Christmas, the stable is one of the most beloved! There is much we don’t know about the actual place of Jesus’ birth. We assume it was a stable because Luke 2:7 tells us Mary “wrapped Him snugly in cloth and laid Him in a feeding trough,” but we know little about the shelter in which this feeding trough (manger) was located. What’s important to understand is that the King of kings was born in humble circumstances. This is the way of the Kingdom Jesus was ushering in. God’s way is not man’s way. In the Kingdom of God, the first will be last, the least will be the greatest, and the King of glory will be born in the lowliest of places. This is how Jesus would live. This Christmas Stable Ornament Craft will remind children of Jesus’ humble birth in the stable. And, it will serve as a sweet ornament that the children created! The activity can be used in a Sunday School, classroom, or homeschool setting.

Note: This free craft is available here as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: The Birth of Jesus

Bible Text: Luke 2:1-20

Suggested Learning Outcome: This easy Christmas Stable Ornament Craft will remind children of Jesus’ humble birth in the stable.

Supplies List: (See image.)
Craft sticks- 6-7 per child
Star stickers
Glue dots
Liquid glue
Raffia or Yarn


Step 1. Before class, prepare character sticks for Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus by snipping or breaking three sticks into lengths that vary to represent a baby, a mother, and a father. During class, hand out the character sticks. Each child should have a baby, mother, and father-sized stick. Instruct the children to draw small faces on the sticks and to color Mary a pink head covering and Joseph with a blue.



Step 2. Provide five whole craft sticks to each child. Instruct children to color the sticks brown to resemble wood for the stable. Assist the children with applying glue dots at the ends of the sticks and help them assemble the sticks into a house shape.




Step 3. Place a dab of liquid glue in the center of the bottom stick and attach some raffia or yarn to represent the manager.





Step 4. Turn the stable over and assist children with placing three glue dots along the bottom stick. Glue Mary, Joseph, and the baby Jesus facing forward.





Step 5. Apply a glue dot to the top and attach a loop of yarn to the top. Flip the stable back over. Instruct children to place stars along the top of the house/manger. You can use a bigger star in the middle.




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