Coded Words for Peter and the Lame Man

In Acts 3:1-10, not long after the events of Pentecost, we learn that as Peter and John made their way to the temple, they encountered a man who couldn’t walk. Peter healed the man in Jesus’ name and the man’s joyful response created quite a stir. But, it pointed many people to Jesus and demonstrated that Jesus’ power was now working through His disciples. Peter is one of the few disciples recorded as performing miracles like this, but the story demonstrates that God continued to work through the Apostles even after Jesus had ascended. This story is a wonderful illustration of God’s amazing power. This Coded Words for Peter and the Lame Man activity can help kids become familiar with this story, with Peter’s role in the early church, and with Jesus’ power to heal sick and disabled people. The activity can be used in a Sunday School, classroom, or homeschool setting.

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