God Made a Promise to Abraham Coded Words

Abraham and Sarah were getting quite old and did not have any children of their own. But, like many husbands and wives, they wanted children! By this time, however, they were simply too old. “There’s no way Sarah could get pregnant at this point,” we might think. Nonetheless, God had a plan to raise up a nation of people He would use to bring restoration and redemption to the world and its people. But, He wanted this nation of people to be a miraculous nation; a people born out of His power, not Abraham and Sarah’s power to conceive. So, He waited until it was “impossible” for them to conceive without Him. One evening God promised Abraham that, even at this age, he and Sarah would conceive and have a son. It had to be hard for Abraham to believe this would happen! This God Made a Promise to Abraham Coded Words activity will remind children that God has promised great things in order to bring restoration and redemption. Like Abraham, we can believe God will keep His promises!

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