God Made a Promise to Abraham Large Jigsaw Puzzle

In Genesis 15, God made a very important promise to Abraham. He promised that Abraham and Sarah would have a son. It took faith for Abraham and Sarah to believe this promise because they were very old and had never had any children. It was God’s plan to restore humanity and creation through a miraculous people. The child to be born to Abraham and Sarah in their old age would be a miraculous child. All of their descendants would, in turn, be children of this miracle; this promise. This God Made a Promise to Abraham Large Jigsaw Puzzle will help kids understand that God’s plan of restoration and redemption requires His miraculous power and help them remember that we can believe the promises of God just as Abraham did. This large jigsaw puzzle can be used in a Sunday School, classroom or homeschool setting.

Note: Large (11X17 inch) activities are especially useful when printed on card stock. These can be easily stored for future use. If you take these to a print shop, they may ask for a letter of permission that you can find here.

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