God Made a Promise To Noah Bible Craft

This fun mosaic craft will help remind students that God always keeps His promises. Kids love rainbows and this one will help them understand God’s promise to Noah that He would never again destroy the world with water.

Note: This free craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: God Made a Promise To Noah

Bible Text: Genesis 8:1—9:17

Supplies List:

  • Multi colored construction paper
  • Glue
  • Markers

Teacher Preparation: Cut strips of multi colored construction paper. Your kids will use these strips later to cut small squares of many colors.


Step 1. Give each child a sheet of white construction paper and guide them in drawing a wide rainbow template with plenty of room in each row of the rainbow.


Step 2. Give kids strips of each color of construction paper and guide them in cutting the strips into squares.


Step 3. Guide students in carefully gluing their colored squares onto different rows of the rainbow to create a beautiful mosaic rainbow, being sure to only use one color per row.


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