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Every lesson in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers fits into a unit that contains either four or five free lessons. A listing of all of the units can be found on the site along with access to all of the lessons. This page (below) and the downloadable and printable PDF is an overview of the God’s Creation Unit (OT01).

You can click to access the printable PDF of the Unit Overview Page.


Unit Overview

In eternity past, God existed. He was self-sufficient and complete in Himself, but He wanted to create the universe, the earth with its wide variety of land and sea environments, and all the earth’s plant and animal life—so He created all these. God also made people in His own image and likeness. Men and women are unique. They aren’t gods, but each individual can seek after God and enjoy a relationship with Him. The first four sessions of this five-session unit for older preschoolers highlight God’s creative activity during the six days of God’s creative work. The fifth session highlights humanity’s disobedience to God and some of the dire consequences of that disobedience. Despite man’s rebellion against God, God loved and cared for His highest creation. Man had a great need, and at precisely the right times, God would take the necessary steps to meet it. God’s unfolding story was just beginning to unfold.

Kingdom Perspective

God has “ownership rights” over His people by virtue of having taken two monumental initiatives. First, He created every human being. He made people in His own image, giving them among other things the ability to enjoy a relationship with Him. Second, even though people rebelled against Him, God paid the price of man’s rebellion by sacrificing His only Son, Jesus Christ, on the cross. Sin did not ultimately derail God’s plan to establish His Kingdom on earth. Understanding one’s role in God’s Kingdom involves not only knowing God as Redeemer, but also as Creator.

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