God’s People Wandered in the Wilderness Story Summary

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Bible Story: God’s People Wandered in the Wilderness

Bible Text: Deuteronomy 8:2-6; Exodus 16; Numbers 14; 32:13

Story Truth(s):

  • God provided for Israel as He led them in the wilderness for forty years.
  • Israel was humbled by God and learned about obedience as they experienced His discipline and His care.

Story: The people of Israel disobeyed God, again; and they grumbled against Moses. They refused to believe God and take possession of the Promised Land. They were afraid. They wanted to return to Egypt and slavery rather than obey God. Because of their faithlessness, God disciplined them.

“The LORD’s anger burned against Israel, and He made them wander in the wilderness 40 years until the whole generation that had done what was evil in the LORD’s sight was gone.” (Num. 32:13). Even though God was angry with Israel, He did not abandon them. He continued to care for their every need.

For forty years in the wilderness, Israel wandered, but their clothes did not wear out nor did their feet swell. Everyday, God cared for them. He provided manna and water, so they had food to eat and drink. He led them with a cloud by day and with fire by night, teaching them how to trust Him.

God tested Israel for 40 years in the wilderness revealing what was in their hearts as He taught them to follow His commands. Israel was humbled by God as they experienced His tender care, but they still did not learn to obey completely. Though Israel was far from slavery in Egypt, they still thought and acted like slaves. Sin’s hold on them was just too hard to overcome. They needed help. They needed a Savior to save them from their sin.

The years in the wilderness changed Israel and prepared them to enter the land God had promised them, but it did not deliver them from sin’s hold. They would continue to struggle to obey God.

Written by Cami Summers.

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