God’s Unfolding Story Song

One of the best ways to help a child (or anyone) learn something is to put it to music. After having the God’s Unfolding Story narrative elements “out there” for several years in our curriculum and numerous other free resources on Sunday School Zone, we have finally put the elements into a song that will help kids learn the six elements while also affirming that we are all a part of God’s great unfolding story. And like all other resources on Sunday School Zone, God’s Unfolding Story song is completely free! You can also view a list of other resources you can use to teacher kids the six narrative elements.

Credit and Song Structure

Aubrey Schrock

When we first wrote the six narrative elements (years ago), we weren’t thinking about how they would “fit” into a song. Creating a song that does justice to the six elements while also being “singable” has been quite a challenge. Nonetheless, with the creative writing skills of Aubrey Schrock and Martin Bell, we’ve got a song that we believe can make a real difference in the lives of children for years to come. Thank you, Aubrey and Martin!

Easton Schrock

The God’s Unfolding Story song has a chorus and three verses. Each verse contains two of the six narrative elements while the chorus reinforces the core message that God’s unfolding story (the biblical story) includes all of us. The entire song can be sung in right at two minutes. We have a simple scored version of the song as well as two audio versions of the song. The first audio version has the music and lyrics (featuring Easton Schrock) while the second is just the piano accompaniment. Links to all of these resources are listed below.

If you use the song and find it helpful, please let us know. We believe strongly that children need to learn the biblical story and we pray this song will help in the effort to teach them the story. We’d love to know if it helps you!

God’s Unfolding Story Song Lyrics

The Bible tells a story new.
The Bible tells a story true.
The Bible tells of me and you.
We are part of His story, too.

Verse One
God created everything,
but people disobeyed God. Still…

Repeat Chorus

Verse Two
God chose His special people,
He sent Jesus to help us, and…

Repeat Chorus

Verse Three
Jesus began the church,
He’s preparing Heaven for us. Yes…

Repeat Chorus

God’s Unfolding Story Song Score

Click here (or on the Get Activity button below) to view and/or download a PDF of a printable score of the God’s Unfolding Story song. In time, we hope to have a fuller version with more instrumentation, but for now we hope this will suffice. We’ve done our best to keep the song appropriate for older preschoolers while making it singable for any gradeschool-aged child. You are welcome to print and distribute the song score as needed for your use. All resources on Sunday School Zone are subject to the Usage Rights spelled out below.

Audio Version With Lyrics

The audio file for this version of God’s Unfolding Story song can be downloaded by clicking here and then saving it to your local drive with your particular browser. To listen, simply click the Play button below. Special thanks to Easton Schrock who sings the song.


Audio Version With Just Piano

The audio file for this version can be downloaded by clicking here and then saving it to your local drive with your particular browser. To listen, simply click the Play button below.


Usage Rights

When you download the God’s Unfolding Story song (or any other part) from God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers, you are acknowledging that you are acquiring limited rights to use the material only in the church, home, or school for which it is downloaded. The terms of the license includes unlimited use for the downloading church only. Sunday School Zone maintains all rights to the content.

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