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Every lesson in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers fits into a unit that contains either four or five free lessons. A listing of all of the units can be found on the site along with access to all of the lessons. This page (below) and the downloadable and printable PDF is an overview of the Jesus’ Birth Unit (NT04).

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Unit Overview

Celebrating Jesus’ birth, historically, has been a significant part of the Church calendar for good reason. The simple birth of baby Jesus represents the advent or coming of God in human flesh and initiates His plan to redeem humanity and establish His Kingdom. However, as we will see, the birth of Jesus and the events leading up to and surrounding His birth are not that simple. The prophets foretold His birth centuries in advance. His parents understandably were confused by His birth. The angels announced His birth to frightened shepherds. Some kings feared His birth while others celebrated it. Jesus’ birth fulfilled the promise of God given as early as Genesis 3:15 while also anticipating the ultimate fulfillment of the Kingdom of God. Jesus is the central figure of God’s unfolding story, and His birth is indeed a wonderful event to study, understand and celebrate!

Kingdom Perspective

Jesus is the promised Messiah and King of the Old Testament who inaugurated the Kingdom of God when He came and died on the cross. His birth demonstrated the upside down nature of the Kingdom He was bringing. The Kingdom of God is characterized by humility and service, not pomp and circumstance.

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