Jesus Calmed the Storm Bible Craft

In Luke 8, the story of Jesus calming the storm demonstrated His power as the divine Son of God. This interactive craft will give kids a chance to re-enact this miraculous story.

Note: This free craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: Jesus Calmed the Storm

Bible Text: Luke 8:22-25

Supplies List:

  • Craft sticks (2 per child)
  • Crayons
  • Blue, green, red and yellow construction paper
  • Glue

Teacher Preparation: Cut yellow triangles approximately 2 ½ inches top to bottom. Cut a brown half circle approximately 2 ½ inches top to bottom. Provide 1 set per child.



Step 1. Give kids a set of shapes and a craft stick. Guide them in gluing the top of the stick to the bottom of the triangle and the bottom of the stick to the top of the half circle. Glue a second craft stick to the bottom of the previous craft stick. Use this time to review shapes with younger students. Remind students that Jesus was in control of the storm the entire time. God may send a storm our way, but He will also protect us in the storm, and then calm the storm when He is ready.


Step 2. Give children a piece of blue construction paper and guide them in cutting a wave pattern using about a quarter of the sheet. Glue this to one full sheet of green construction paper. Review colors with younger students. Remind students that God created the water and that is why only He can control it.


Step 3. Cut another quarter strip of blue construction paper into a wave shape. Lay this layer on top of the other wave shape, bending the ends in and taping securely to the previous wave shape so the top wave stands out slightly. Remind children that God created the wind and the waves as well. Even though wind and waves can feel scary sometimes, God is still in control.


Step 4. Kids can now slide their boat up through the wave pocket to let the boat ride the waves! Remind children that just like they can control the little paper boat in their craft, God is in control of our lives, too. God knows when we are scared and when we are having problems. God can calm our storms just like He did in the story.


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