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Every lesson in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers fits into a unit that contains either four or five free lessons. A listing of all of the units can be found on the site along with access to all of the lessons. This page (below) and the downloadable and printable PDF is an overview of the Jesus Did Amazing Things Unit (NT03).

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Unit Overview

Children today typically are exposed at a young age to cartoon and comic book characters with super powers. It’s likely some or all of the children attending and studying these lessons already will be able to identify a favorite superhero among a host of characters with varying powers and quirky personalities. On one hand, this may make it easy for a child to accept that Jesus could do amazing and powerful things. On the other hand, children may be tempted to perceive Jesus as merely another character in the plethora of good guys with special powers. However, Jesus is so much more than a superhero!

This unit will help children understand He is Creator and, therefore, Lord over all of creation. He is a gracious Provider. Consequently, He knows our needs and wants to meet them. He is the Son of God who conquered the grave. Therefore, He is able to conquer the power of death in our own lives and carry us into eternity. So many of the things Jesus did were truly amazing and point consistently to His Person and mission: He is the Son of God who came to restore humanity and creation!

Kingdom Perspective

Jesus is the promised Messiah and King of the Old Testament who inaugurated the Kingdom of God when He came and died on the cross. The amazing things He did point to His divine Person and Kingdom mission.

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