Jesus Healed 10 Lepers Word Search

The story of Jesus healing ten lepers, found in Luke 17, is a wonderful example of the many miracles Jesus performed and the importance of thanking God for his blessings, but it’s not just about gratitude. In Luke 17:11-19, we read about 10 men who asked Jesus to heal them. Jesus told them to go show themselves to the priest as the Old Testament directed. As they journeyed to the priest, they were healed. Certainly, all of them were thrilled to be healed and experience the power of God through Jesus. But Luke records that only one man out of the 10 returned to give Jesus thanks, and this man was a Samaritan; a man typically hated by the Jews. This story demonstrates how God’s own people (the Jews) were less grateful to experience the Kingdom of God in Jesus than even an outsider to Israel (a Samaritan). This Jesus Healed 10 Lepers Word Search can help children understand that the Kingdom of God is for all people who will follow Jesus, the Messiah.

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