Jesus Taught About Forgiveness Bible Craft

Note: This craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: Jesus Taught About Forgiveness

Bible Text: Luke 15:11-31

Suggested Learning Outcome: This tissue paper forgiveness Bible craft will help children learn the story Jesus taught and remember the difference forgiveness can make.

Supplies List:

  • Contact paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Craft brads

Teacher Preparation: Any of the cutting can be done in advance to save time in class.


Step 1. Give children a piece of black construction paper and instruct them to fold the paper in half and cut out a large heart shape along the fold. In white crayon assist children in writing the word “Forgiveness Makes a Difference” onto the black heart and set aside. Unfold the rest of the paper to reveal an empty heart shape in the center of the page (see image).

photo 1





Step 2.
Give children a sheet of contact paper and guide them in carefully laying the unfolded paper onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Give learners several pieces of colored tissue paper squares and guide them in sticking the papers carefully onto the contact paper inside the heart. Lay another sheet of contact paper, sticky side down on top of the page (see image). This will seal the tissue paper squares inside.

photo 2





Step 3. Trim the edges of contact paper. Turn the craft over to reveal a colorful heart center (see image).

photo 3





Step 4. Using a craft brad, attach the black heart you cut out and set aside earlier (see image).

photo 4





Step 5. Now the black heart can be moved back and forth to illustrate what happens to our hearts when we open our hearts to forgive. The forgiving heart is beautiful and the light of God can shine through it (see image).

photo 5





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