Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem Large Jigsaw Puzzle

The Town of Bethlehem is among the best known towns in all of history. Many people quickly recognize it as the birthplace of Jesus. It was to this village that Mary and Joseph traveled in order to participate in the Roman census that had been ordered. And, it was in Bethlehem that Mary gave birth to baby Jesus. The Prophet Micah had said that Bethlehem would produce a “ruler over Israel” for the Lord. By worldly standards Bethlehem was not a great city. But, that’s how God works. He often does big things in unexpected and “small” ways. Even though no one was expecting a King to be born here, God celebrated the event with angels singing to shepherds in nearby fields. This Jesus Was Born In Bethlehem Large Jigsaw Puzzle will help children know that Jesus was born in a small town, but is a great King!

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