Joseph Told About Jesus Large Jigsaw Puzzle

In Matthew 1, we find the story of Joseph and how he reacted to the news of Mary’s pregnancy. When Joseph, who was betrothed (similar to an engagement) to Mary, learned that Mary was pregnant, he was bewildered and hurt, believing she had been unfaithful to him. But, Joseph was a good man and didn’t want to hurt her. So, he determined to divorce her quietly so as not to cause her public shame and embarrassment. But then an angel appeared to Joseph and explained that Mary’s baby was special because the child would be conceived of the Holy Spirit. Joseph would play the special role of being Jesus’ earthly dad and caregiver. Joseph welcomed Jesus willingly and took good care of him as a boy. This Joseph Told About Jesus Large Jigsaw Puzzle shows Joseph talking to Mary about the baby and will remind kids that Joseph was a man of character and, like him, we should celebrate the coming of Jesus at Christmas time. This puzzle can be used in a Sunday School group, classroom or homeschool setting.

Note: Large (11X17 inch) activities are especially useful when printed on card stock. These can be easily stored for future use. If you take these to a print shop, they may ask for a letter of permission that you can find here.

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