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Every lesson in God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers fits into a unit that contains either four or five free lessons. A listing of all of the units can be found on the site along with access to all of the lessons. This page (below) and the downloadable and printable PDF is an overview of the Joseph Unit (OT05).

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Unit Overview

Joseph’s story is not just one in which good triumphs over evil; it’s also one in which Yahweh shaped and refined an individual’s personal character through tough circumstances, making him a more useful tool in God’s hands. Ultimately, God used hardship in one man’s life to benefit countless others at that time.

Yet He also set the stage for an exodus from slavery for His people centuries later, one that would foreshadow an even greater deliverance that would be secured by His own Son on the cross many centuries after the exodus.

In Joseph’s life, therefore, we see God as a loving and masterful orchestrator of events to accomplish both short- and long-term objectives. Even preschoolers can understand that the main character in Genesis 37–50 isn’t Joseph, but God.

Kingdom Perspective

In the realm of God’s Kingdom, conventional wisdom gets turned on its head. In Matthew 18:4, Jesus said the one who humbles himself with childlike humility “is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (see also 23:11-12). The story of Joseph in Genesis 37–50 is a “Kingdom story” in terms of its place in God’s unfolding story, but it also is this kind of story because it emphasizes the value of incorporating Kingdom principles into one’s outlook and daily routines.

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