Joseph’s Special Coat Coded Words

The story of Joseph, found in Genesis 37, tells how Israel (formerly Jacob, Abraham’s Grandson) gave his favorite son, Joseph, a special coat. This obvious favoritism angered his brothers and began an important chain of events in Joseph’s life. Apart from revealing the obvious negative implications of favoritism within a family, the story also sets the stage for Abraham’s descendants becoming slaves in Egypt. Joseph was sold by his brothers as a slave and eventually ended up in Egypt, followed later by the rest of his family. In spite of his challenging circumstances, Joseph would be faithful to His God. The story demonstrates that God is working through even the worst of circumstances and motives to accomplish His purposes. Like Joseph, the people of Israel would have to endure hardship in Egypt before being delivered by their God. God chooses us to fulfill His purposes, even though His calling may take us through suffering and hardship. This Joseph’s Special Coat Coded Words activity will help children understand that God calls us to be a favored people in order to accomplish His purposes.

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