Oh! That’s Beautiful! Autumn Bible Craft

Note: This craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: Oh! That’s Beautiful!

Bible Text: Daniel 2:21, “He changes the times and the seasons…” (HCSB)

Suggested Learning Outcome: This Autumn Bible Craft will help children understand that seasons change because God has created our earth this way. God also created our lives this way. Explain to children how there are seasons to our lives; childhood, teenage years, adulthood, old age. We should thank God for each season in our lives because there are special things about each one, just as there are special things about each natural season as well.

Supplies List:

  • Brown and blue construction paper
  • Red and yello issue paper
  • Glue

Teacher Preparation: Pre-cut small squares of red and yellow tissues paper.


Step 1. Give children a piece of brown construction paper and guide them in tracing their hand and art of their wrist and arm. Assist children with cutting out the tracing (see image).

photo 1





Step 2. Give kids a piece of blue and green construction paper and guide them in cutting wavy green grass and gluing it to the blue sheet (see image). Glue the handprint cutout to the grass to create a tree trunk and limbs.

photo 2







Step 3. Give children several small squares of tissue paper and instruct them to crumple the tissue paper and glue them to the tree limbs to create beautiful autumn colors (see image).

photo 3







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