People In The Church Loved One Another Bible Craft

The story of Peter healing Tabitha (Dorcas) demonstrates how the people loved each other in the early church seen in The Book of Acts. This beautiful sun catcher will remind children that love is the most important gift we can offer our church family.

Note: This free craft is also available as a downloadable PDF.

Bible Story: People in the Church Loved One Another

Bible Text: Acts 9:36-43

Supplies List:

  • Tissue paper
  • Construction paper
  • Clear contact paper
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn or pipe cleaner

Teacher Preparation: Pre-cut small squares of multi-colored tissue paper. Pre-cut 12 inch x 12 inch squares of contact paper, 2 per each child.


Step 1. Give each child a piece of construction paper and guide them in folding it in half, and then drawing a large half a heart on the fold, and then drawing a smaller half a heart within the larger one.


Step 2. Help kids carefully cut out the large heart while keeping the paper folded. Then cut the smaller heart, resulting in a large heart shape with a heart-shaped hole in the center.


Step 3. Give children a square of contact paper and help them carefully peel away the liner. Instruct students to carefully lay their heart in the center of the sticky contact paper. Now allow students to fill the open center of the heart with small squares of multi colored tissue paper.


Step 4. When the heart is filled, guide students in peeling away the liner of their second sheet of contact paper and very carefully laying the sticky side of this sheet on top of the heart. Carefully help students to smooth out any wrinkles. Now you can trim away the extra contact paper around the heart. Use the hole punch to make one clean hole in the top and use a piece of yarn or pipe cleaner to create a hanger for the sun catcher. Makes a lovely window decoration.



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