Philip Told About Jesus Connect the Dots

We learn about the birth and growth of the early church in the Book of Acts. One of the many great characters we encounter there is a man named Philip. In addition to being chosen to serve in the important distribution to the widows, Philip was faithful in taking the good news to others just as Jesus had instructed them to do. In Acts 8:26-40 we read about how the Spirit led Philip to speak to a royal official of the Queen of Ethiopia. This man had been to Jerusalem to worship, but did not know that Jesus was the Messiah for whom they had been waiting. As he was on his way home, God led Philip to help him understand that Jesus is the Messiah of the Old Testament. The man trusted in Jesus that day and was baptized to demonstrate his new faith. This Philip Told About Jesus Connect the Dots activity will help kids learn about this story and Philip’s obedience to God’s leading in his life.

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