Remember the Sabbath Day Scripture Page

How we recognize or observe the Sabbath Day (the “seventh” day or Saturday) today can be a complex issue. In the Old Testament, the Sabbath Day observance pointed toward God’s rule over the world He had created. It also anticipated a time when creation would be restored. This restoration began when Jesus was resurrected, which is why we now celebrate on Sunday (the first day of the week) rather than on Saturday (the seventh day of the week). Jesus initiated a “new creation.” The sabbath observance celebrated God’s completion of and reign over the original creation while our Sunday observance celebrates the establishment of a new creation (restoration of the old). This Remember the Sabbath Day Scripture Page will help kids understand that God is King over all of creation and has worked through Jesus to restore creation and make it new again. This is just one of many activities we have on Sunday School Zone related to the Ten Commandments. You can find a summary of 10 Commandments for Kids activities and resources here.

Description: Remember the Sabbath Day Scripture Poster

Bible Text: Exodus 20:8a

Bible Lesson: The fourth commandment is about remembering God’s sovereign rule over all of creation. After creating all things, Genesis 2:2 tells us God “rested on the seventh day.” The idea of rest here isn’t napping or taking a day off. God doesn’t need a nap. After creating everything, God SETTLED IN to ruling all He had made. Ruling creation is God’s normal activity. By remembering the Sabbath, we recognize that God has “settled in” to ruling creation. He is the sovereign King over all things. This printable scripture poster will help children remember that Yahweh is King and ruling over all of creation, now and in the future!

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