“The Gentle” Beatitudes Coloring Page

Jesus began the Sermon on the Mount with what are called “The Beatitudes.” As a whole, The Beatitudes help us understand the nature of God’s kingdom and challenge us to live as kingdom citizens. You can read an article about The Beatitudes on the site. Each of the beatitudes points to some aspect of the kingdom that God’s people should pursue.

Israel had long imagined they would “inherit the earth” (v. 5), but it was assumed this would be through political power at the expense of the other nations. Worldly political power always is exercised at the expense of others, but the true kingdom citizens who will inherit the earth will be “the gentle.” This is the world’s way turned upside down.

“The Gentle” Beatitudes Coloring Page will help remind kids that gentleness toward others is the way of God’s kingdom.

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