The Shepherds’ Story Spot the Differences

The story of Jesus’ birth is a familiar and beloved story. And it’s entirely true! According to Luke 2:8-20, on the night of Jesus’ birth, there were humble shepherds in the fields nearby Bethlehem. A host of angels appeared to the shepherds and told them of the Messiah’s birth. Excited, they went quickly to find the baby Jesus. Jesus would be a King, but not the kind of king people were expecting. These lowly shepherds, near the bottom of the social ladder, played an important role in this story, as they were the first ones to worship the new Messiah and King and then tell others about Him. This Shepherd’s Story Spot the Differences activity will help kids understand that all people are invited to be part of God’s Kingdom, regardless of their social standing. This free jigsaw puzzle can be used in a Sunday School, classroom or homeschool setting.

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