The Tower of Babel Large Jigsaw Puzzle

Not long after the flood (Gen. 6-8), people got together and decided to make a name for themselves by building a huge tower. We read about this “Tower of Babel” (Babylon) in Genesis 11. These efforts were driven by human pride and represented the growing determination of humanity to live on their own, apart from God. But such arrogance always leads to oppression, slavery, and death. God saw the people’s arrogance and mercifully intervened, confusing the languages of the people so that construction on the tower could not continue. This Tower of Babel Large Jigsaw Puzzle will help kids visualize the building of the tower and better understand the ongoing impact of sin and arrogance in the world.

Note: Large (11X17 inch) activities are especially useful when printed on card stock. These can be easily stored for future use. If you take these to a print shop, they may ask for a letter of permission that you can find here.

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