The Wise Men’s Story Match Game

The story of the wise men, or Magi, traveling to visit the child Jesus is a familiar story found in Matthew chapter 2. The story is filled with drama and intrigue and reveals how evil the world was (and is) into which Jesus was born. What a study in contrasts! One the one hand, it reveals how low some people (King Herod) will stoop to protect their position and power and how ruthless they can be along the way. On the other hand we see an innocent and helpless baby with no position who is unable to protect Himself at all. God’s ways are not man’s ways!

But one of the main reasons Matthew recorded this story was to help us understand that while Jesus was, in fact, “king of the Jews,” He was also born as the Lord and King of the entire world! These Magi were essentially “foreigners” to the people of Israel, but they traveled to honor and “worship him.” Matthew wanted his audience to see Jesus as more than the Lord of the Jews. He was Lord of all people and all nations. The people of Matthew’s day knew the power of Rome and the claims of the emperors to be “gods.” The early church had a radical message for that world; “Jesus is Lord, not Caesar.” It’s a message we need to grasp today as well. Whatever may be happening in our world and whatever claims to power people may make in our world, the biblical message is that Jesus is the only true King and Lord of this world and even the universe! This Wise Men’s Story Match Game Activity will help remind kids that Jesus was much more than the “king of the Jews.” Jesus was, and is, the Lord of all nations, all people, and all worlds! This free match game can be used in a Sunday School, classroom or homeschool setting.

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