Word Scramble for Joshua Explored the Promised Land

The time had finally come for the People of Israel to enter the Promised Land. God had delivered them from Egypt, given them His law at Sinai, and then brought them to the edge of the Promised Land. In Numbers 13, we read that Moses appointed Joshua to head up an expedition of 12 scouts, including Caleb, to explore the Promised Land. Joshua and his men were to bring back reports. They did, indeed, come back to tell of a fertile place with unusually big fruit and vegetables. Unfortunately, according to ten of the spies, the people living in the Promised Land were also super-sized, which frightened everyone except Joshua and Caleb. This Word Scramble For Joshua Explored the Promised Land will help kids learn about this event and discover the importance of trusting God to overcome all obstacles. This match game can be used in a Sunday School, classroom or homeschool setting.

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