Word Search For Esther and the King

The story of Esther and the King, as found in Esther 2-9, is a miraculous story of God’s providence and protection. Queen Esther is a figure of courage and faith in the Old Testament. When Esther was taken from her home and family, she could have imagined that her life was over. But God had bigger plans for her than she had for herself. While many of her people, the Jews, were living in Babylon, wicked men plotted against them, hoping to destroy all of them. Esther approached the king (her husband) and was able to save her people. Because Esther was submissive to God’s will, He was able to use her to preserve the children of Israel from further persecution and even destruction. This Word Search for Esther and the King will help kids remember that God is in control of life’s circumstances and desires to use us to accomplish His purposes. It can be used in a Sunday School, classroom or homeschool setting.

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