Ain’t Life Fun! by Clayton Poland

Clayton Poland is a Christian storyteller, evangelist, and entertainer. His full-time ministry places him in front of groups of kids of every age on a regular basis. And, he’s also the author of Ain’t Life Fun!: When You Focus on the Good Stuff. The title is fitting because it reflects a core philosophy he and his family follow as they make their way through a life that’s “not all rainbows, unicorns, and fireworks.” There’s also a companion edition for kids subtitled “Be Someone Who Will Change the World!” Here’s a quick profile and some highlights of the book to help you determine if you’d like to purchase it. (Are you an author or publisher who has a book or resource you’d like to submit for review on Sunday School Zone? Find out how!)

“Don’t Blink!”

Clayton uses his years of experience to weave together interesting stories and common sense principles into simple, doable challenges for parents and caregivers. Each chapter will encourage the reader to focus and reflect on life’s “good stuff.” It’s a challenge that every Christian parent needs to hear as the time we have with our children when they’re young is gone quickly. “Don’t blink because when you do your kids will be graduating preschool, graduating middle school, graduating high school, graduating college. You will blink and one day your kids will be gone from your home building their own life and family.”

“Families Are A Mosaic”

In this easy-to-read book, Clayton covers the need to show kids our love and approval, how to deal with failure, four “extraordinary habits,” embracing “detours” in life, the value of loving others, and much more. My favorite chapter is called “Your Picture-Perfect Family.” It’s a timely and much-needed message… “Families are a mosaic. When we look at them from a distance, they all look the same. They look normal. But if we look closer at the day-to-day snapshots of each family, we would see the imperfections, flaws, and missing pieces. We need to focus on OUR picture-perfect family. We do this when we celebrate our family and stop comparing our mosaic to the mosaic of others.” Great words, Mr. Poland!

“You Are in Complete Control of Your Focus”

This is one of the most important messages of the book… “We could choose to spend every day focused on memories of the challenges, difficulties, and heartaches. Or we can focus on the good stuff.” The Polands have not been insulated from the ups and downs of life. Clayton is honest and candid about some of their “heartaches.” He’s not speaking from an ivory tower. As a family the Polands have had to make the choice to “focus on the good stuff.” That’s what makes this book and the message real. This is a choice we all have to make as individuals and families.

More Than An Author

Clayton Poland was doing other things before he wrote this book, and still is! He is a speaker, preacher, storyteller, “game show host,” and illusionist. And in all of it he is careful to share the wisdom of God’s Word and his own family’s experiences. If you’d like to bring Clayton to your church or event, simply visit his web site at or email him at [email protected] If you’d simply like to know more about his message, then purchase and read Ain’t Life Fun!: When You Focus on the Good Stuff. You’ll feel like you know him!

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