Autumn Craft Ideas

Gratitude is always in season and teaching kids to have a thankful heart is important to do any time of the year. The Fall season does, however, provide an especially appropriate time to talk to and teach kids about thankfulness and the many ways we can express our gratitude for the multitude of blessings we enjoy. I have gathered below a few of my favorite Autumn craft ideas that can help you as you think about, prepare for, and move through the Fall season. These are great for any children’s Bible study class at home, school, or church. Or maybe just a great home activity on a cloudy day when the kids are out of school. Be sure to check out other helpful resources we have on the site related to thanksgiving!

Thankfulness Garland

This easy craft turns super simple supplies into a super cute Thanksgiving decoration. Thanksgiving is a great time to bring together amazing crafting ideas with a great Sunday School topic; thankfulness. In this day of materialism and entitlement, thankfulness is becoming a more and more important topic for young children. Be sure to take advantage of this Thanksgiving season to really drive home this topic to your class. It doesn’t hurt that there are such adorable crafts ideas, too, like this one from All you’ll need are some Autumn shaped, felt leaf cutouts (see image), string, and glitter letters. Read full tutorial here.

Toilet Paper Pumpkins

This is a great long lasting Autumn craft from over at which parents can use in their homes to decorate for the season. Although pumpkins are always a great Autumn decorative item, I know some Bible teachers struggle to find a Bible connection to this common Autumn symbol. But, this adorable toilet paper pumpkin can be used along with The Pumpkin Prayer. The Pumpkin Prayer (author unknown) is a great way to connect pumpkin carving or other pumpkin activities to the scriptures. You can download and print a copy of The Pumpkin Prayer here.

To create toilet paper pumpkins you will need mega rolls of toilet tissue, 3-4 inch sticks, 18 inch squares of fabric for each pumpkin, green ribbon and a pencil. Click here for the full tutorial.

Autumn Trees

Autumn is a great time to teach children about God’s amazing creation. When the trees begin turning colors we really get a chance to see how creative, and artistic our God is. Using the beautiful autumn colors to teach about God’s love for all things beautiful is easy this time of year.

This sweet autumn tree craft works great for pre-schoolers and older children as well. You will need:
• Blue, brown and green construction paper
• Tissue paper in Autumn colors
• Glue or glue sticks
• Crayons or markers

You can find printable, full instructions here.

Thankful Pinecone Turkeys

Pinecones are an often overlooked symbol of Autumn, but with a little creativity, they can prove to be a great crafting supply. Students can take this craft home as a great Thanksgiving table decoration. You will need:
• Pinecones
• Construction paper in Autumn colors
• Googly eyes
• Pom Poms

To make your Thankful Pinecone Turkey you will:
• Cut out several construction paper feather shapes. Enough for several per student.
• Cut out small triangles from orange construction paper for turkey beak.
• Attach googly eyes to pompoms.
• Attach turkey beak to pompom.
• Attach pompom to pinecone.
• Ask students to write out things they are thankful for on the turkey feathers.
• Allow each student to place the turkey feathers into the sections of the pinecone to create a colorful array of thankful feathers.

These Autumn craft ideas can bring fun and some positive teaching points to the Sunday School class, home school class, or just a rainy day at home!

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