Joseph (Old Testament)

Joseph is a major character in the Old Testament stories of the early patriarchs. His faithfulness to God in the midst of his hardships is an example for all of us and a reminder that God is in control. These Bible lesson activities feature Joseph, his hardship, his endurance, his faith, and God's blessing upon him.

God Was with Joseph Jigsaw Puzzle

This 8-piece jigsaw puzzle will remind you and your children that God was with Joseph, even in prison.

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God Was with Joseph Crossword Puzzle

Let your kids have a chance to work this crossword puzzle that highlights details of Joseph’s initial years in Egypt. They’ll be reminded of God’s care for Joseph, who trusted Him despite difficulties and unanswered questions.

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Joseph’s Special Coat Word Search

In this word search puzzle, kids are invited to find ten words related to the story of Joseph and his multi-colored coat.

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Joseph’s Special Coat Word Scramble

Unscrambling words is challenging and fun, and unscrambling words related to the story of Joseph and his special coat will enhance biblical literacy! No, I’m not kidding!

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Joseph’s Special Coat Match Game

Let your kids play this match game, and you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to continue talking with them about Joseph’s family and Joseph’s boyhood.

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Joseph’s Special Coat Jigsaw Puzzle

Let your kids work this 15-piece jigsaw puzzle of Joseph in his coat of many colors talking to several of his brothers. It’s a great activity to use after telling your child or children the story of Joseph and his coat!

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Joseph’s Brothers’ Maze

Let your kids help Joseph find three of his brothers by giving them this really cool maze to work!

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