Kids love the story of Noah and the ark. Below you'll find printable kids Bible activities about Noah. These activities for children are easy to download and print and are free to duplicate for your church or at home.

God Guided Noah Word Line Up

Word Line Up puzzles give children the opportunity to unscramble words relating to a particular event or story—and then to uncover the answer to a basic question about that incident. Such puzzles are both challenging and fun. Let your kids work this puzzle about Noah and the ark!

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God Guided Noah Match Game

This match game will allow you to continue to talk about the story of Noah, even after you’ve told it to your children. They’ll have fun playing this match game, and you’ll enjoy watching them. Maybe they’ll even let you play!

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God Guided Noah Jigsaw Puzzle

Let your preschoolers and young children work this jigsaw puzzle that shows Noah and his sons building the ark. They’ll have a lot of fun, and you’ll get a chance to help them understand even more fully the importance of placing one’s faith in God.

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God Guided Noah Spot the Differences

Noah and his sons built the ark in obedience to God’s command—and Noah and His family were saved during the devastating Genesis flood. This spot the differences puzzle is a great reminder of the fact that the appropriate response to God’s grace is faith and obedience.

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God Made a Promise to Noah Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are a lot of fun, and this one is educational as well. As they work it, your kids will become more familiar with the details of the story of Noah and the ark and learn about God’s promise and His great faithfulness in delivering Noah and his family.

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God Made a Promise to Noah Jigsaw Puzzle

This colorful puzzle shows Noah as he worships God after the flood. A rainbow graces the sky, testifying to God’s promise that He never will destroy the earth again with a flood. Talk to the children about how the picture shows how loving and kind God is.

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God Made a Promise to Noah Spot the Differences

Eleven differences exist between the two pictures shown in this activity. Can your kids find all of them? Answers are provided and can remind children of God’s great love and faithfulness to do what He promises. He is a great God!

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God Made a Promise to Noah Word Tiles

This word tiles Bible activity reminds us of a very important truth as we hear about the flood and about Noah: God always keeps His promises. As your kids work the activity, talk to them about God’s faithfulness and love for us. The rainbow reminds us of this!

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Noah Sent a Dove Coloring Page

Your kids will love this coloring page, which shows Noah releasing a dove from the ark. Would the dove find any dry land? Eventually the water receded and dry land appeared. God was indeed faithful to His servant, Noah. We can trust God too!

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