Peter, The Apostle

Below you'll find Bible lesson activities about Peter, Jesus' disciple. Peter was a fisherman to whom Jesus said, "Follow Me." Peter did so, and God not only transformed his life; the Lord used Peter as an instrument through whom He transformed others' lives as well.

Jesus Began the Church Hour A Lesson Plan

Every lesson from God’s Unfolding Story for Older Preschoolers includes two lesson plans (Hour A and Hour B). This is the Hour A lesson plan for Jesus Began the Church (NT09L1HA). It includes the Hour A lesson plan and the needed reproducibles for that plan. Click on the Get Activity button below to view and/or download…

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The Day of Pentecost Story Illustration

After Jesus ascended to heaven, His promise to send the Holy Spirit was fulfilled when the Holy Spirit fell upon Jesus’ followers on the Day of Pentecost. This story illustration will help kids understand that God’s Spirit gives us power to do what He desires.

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Peter and the Lame Man Story Illustration

The story of the lame man is a wonderful illustration of God’s amazing power. This Peter and the Lame Man Story Illustration will help children remember that just as God healed and changed the lame man, He can change us, too.

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Peter Was Rescued From Jail Story Illustration

The story of Peter’s miraculous rescue from jail is a wonderful example of God’s divine power at work in the lives of the apostles in the early church. This Peter Was Rescued From Jail Story Illustration will help kids understand God’s great power.

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Peter Wrote Two Letters Story Illustration

This Peter Wrote Two Letters Story Illustration will help kids learn and remember that God used Peter to write part of the New Testament and these letters from Peter can help children, as well as all people, know how to live in order to honor the Lord.

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People In The Church Loved One Another Bible Craft

The story of Peter healing Tabitha (Dorcas) demonstrates how the people loved each other in the early church seen in The Book of Acts. This beautiful sun catcher will remind children that love is the most important gift we can offer our church family.

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Peter Was Rescued From Jail Bible Craft

Our God is a big God who is able to accomplish His purposes. We may not always understand what those purposes are, but we can trust that God is able to do what He wants to do. This craft will help children remember the way in which Peter was rescued from jail.

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Peter and the Lame Man Bible Craft

Not long after Pentecost, Peter encountered a lame man and healed him in Jesus’ name. The man’s healing demonstrated that Jesus’ power was now working through His disciples. This fun craft will remind children that God works miracles through His people.

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Jesus Began the Church Bible Craft

The biblical story is incomplete without an awareness of the church and its place in God’s plan. In Acts we learn that Jesus began the church in a miraculous way. This interactive craft will help your kids understand how the church began.

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