Peter, The Apostle

Below you'll find Bible lesson activities about Peter, Jesus' disciple. Peter was a fisherman to whom Jesus said, "Follow Me." Peter did so, and God not only transformed his life; the Lord used Peter as an instrument through whom He transformed others' lives as well.

Peter Wrote Letters Puzzle

What kinds of things did Peter want to share with his fellow Christians during the days of the early church? We can read his letters in the Bible. We know them as 1 Peter and 2 Peter. As they work this eight-piece jigsaw puzzle, children will see and even study a picture of Peter as he wrote to his close friends and fellow believers. This is a wonderful Bible activity!

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Peter’s Letter Maze

Give your kids a chance to work this maze, and you’ll also give yourself a wonderful opportunity to talk to them about the importance of the apostle Peter’s letters, letters we know as 1 Peter and 2 Peter in our Bibles today.

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Peter Wrote Letters Match Game

Don’t pass up this opportunity to let your children play this match game. The tiles depict images from a picture of Peter as he wrote a letter to fellow believers, encouraging them to remain faithful to Jesus. As your kids play the game, you’ll have a chance to tell them how important Peter’s letters were—and are—to all Jesus’ followers.

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God Saved Peter Word Line Up

Encourage your children to unscramble these six words in this word line up puzzle. When they do, their work will reveal another key word. This is great fun!

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God Saved Peter Word Scramble

Peter was rescued from jail in Acts 12:1-18. This word scramble puzzle gives your children an opportunity to unscramble seven words and one key phrase related to this event. As they do, they’ll become more familiar with this important happening in the life of the early church.

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Peter and the Lame Man Spot the Differences

Give your children the opportunity to find the differences between these pictures, both of which show a man who is no longer lame leaping for joy as Peter and John look on. How many differences exist between the two? At least fifteen.

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Peter and the Lame Man Word Search

What were some of the important elements in God’s using Peter to heal the man who had never been able to walk? (See Acts 3:1-10.) This word search puzzle highlights 10 elements. As your children work it, talk to them about how Jesus used His followers to begin the early church. This was one of the important miracles that occurred when the church started.

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Peter and the Lame Man Word Scramble

Give your children an opportunity to unscramble eight words and one phrase in this puzzle that highlights elements in the healing of the lame man near the temple. Peter had no money, but what he did have mattered more than millions of dollars!

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Peter and the Lame Man Crossword Puzzle

What are some important things to remember about Luke’s account in Acts 3:1-10 of Peter healing the lame man in Jesus’ name? This fun crossword puzzle will present eight words that highlight key elements. Sharpen your pencils!

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