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Bible Characteristics and Inception

The Bible is a book with no equal because it is, in fact, the very Word of God. God has literally spoken to us through the Bible. This fact can be seen when we see the differences it has from other books. Due to the Bible’s unique characteristics and inception, children may be confused by the messages¬†it contains without some additional clarification.

Consider dedicating a few minutes to review the following Bible attributes during your regular lesson time.

The Bible Is A Collection of Books

One characteristic of the Bible that might surprise younger children, or kids who are new to the church, is that it actually consists of many books. Children’s Bible teachers nearly always reference a book, chapter, and verse of the Bible in their lesson plan. Every time that happens, it offers that teacher a great opportunity to explain to or remind students that the Bible is composed of over 50 books divided into the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible Was Written By Multiple Authors

Another peculiar attribute of the Bible is the fact that it was written by many authors. When mentioning a book of the Bible, teachers may want to take a moment to recognize the author of that book. Children will come to understand the Bible was penned by the hands of many different men even though it was all inspired by God (2 Timothy 3:16). Kids need to be taught that God supernaturally revealed His Word to men, then men carefully wrote it down, preserved it, and collected it into one book. Knowing this information will help children realize the Bible is a reliable revelation from God Himself.

The Bible Was Written Over Many Centuries

One of the most astounding characteristics of the Bible is that it was written over many centuries. Children will come to a better understanding of the Bible lesson if they also learn the approximate year in which an event occurred or the historical context of the event. Information about the relevant cultural context from that time period will also be helpful to include. To help kids visualize when something happened, It can be helpful to put the event in perspective by referencing its location on a timeline. This kind of historical context can help children understand that the biblical stories (and story) really did happen in real history.

Don’t miss the opportunity to teach children about the Bible’s amazing characteristics and development. It only takes a few minutes of each class period to impress these details on kids. This information will support their learning and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for God’s Word.

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