An Angel Spoke to Joseph

Joseph (from the New Testament) was betrothed to Mary, but naturally assumed she had been unfaithful when she became pregnant before they came together. An angel then visited Joseph to tell him the child would be the promised Son of God from the Old Testament and he (Joseph) should take Mary as his wife. These Angel Spoke to Joseph Bible lesson activities are related to Joseph's visit from an angel announcing Jesus' miraculous birth.

Joseph Told About Jesus Word Line Up

Sharpen your pencils and give your children a chance to unscramble these five words relating to Joseph’s dream and God’s instructions through an angel that Joseph marry Mary and name her child Jesus.

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Joseph Told About Jesus Word Search

When Mary and Joseph married, they knew some important things many others did not know. Both of them had received instructions from God about Jesus! This word search puzzle highlights 10 things surrounding the instructions Joseph received from God in a dream. Don’t just let your children see if they can find all 10 words—see if you can too.

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Joseph Told About Jesus - Color by Number Activity

Joseph Told About Jesus Color By Number Page

Mary and Joseph knew that Jesus, who was growing inside Mary’s body, was God’s Son. This color by number activity shows them as they got together after Joseph’s dream. Many people would not understand the special circumstances surrounding Jesus birth—but Mary and Joseph lived through them, and they trusted God in the midst of it all.

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