Jesus Taught Important Truths

Jesus' teaching was designed to help people understand how to live as Kingdom citizens. His teachings were often heavy, but that doesn't mean they were only for grown-ups. The activities listed below can help interpret some of the important teachings of Jesus for children. Jesus redefined how people should think about God's Kingdom. Among the many teaching events recorded in the Gospels, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is perhaps the best known. Recorded in Matthew 5-7, the sermon is filled with many truths. These activities are related to topics Jesus addressed in this Sermon as well as other places in the Gospels.

Jesus Taught About Prayer Bible Illustration

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave his disciples a model prayer to teach them how to pray. This story illustration will help kids remember that prayer is important to God. This illustration can be used in a Sunday School, classroom, or homeschool setting.

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Jesus Taught About Forgiveness Story Illustration

In the Parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus taught us what it means to really forgive. This story illustration will help kids understand and remember this important Bible story. The illustration can be used in Sunday School, homeschool or a classroom setting.

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Nicodemus Visited Jesus Bible Craft

In John chapter 3, Jesus talked to Nicodemus about the “new birth.” When we are saved and become Christians, we are “born again.” This cute heart craft will remind children that when we are born again we are given a new heart and a new life.

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Jesus Taught About Giving Story Illustration

Teach children about the poor widow who gave all she had to God using this story illustration. The best time to help kids learn the value of generosity and good stewardship is when they’re young. Use this illustration to teach these valuable lessons.

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Jesus Taught About Prayer Bible Craft

This fun craft is based on Jesus’ teachings about prayer in Matthew 4:23-35: 5:1; and 6:5-14 and will help children learn these teachings and remember the importance of prayer even when they are not at church. The pail will serve as an excellent daily reminder at home.

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Jesus Taught About God’s Love Bible Craft

This simple craft is based on Jesus’ teachings in John 3:1-16 when he spoke to Nicodemus and will help even the youngest child remember that God loves him or her and that he/she is valuable to Him. What a wonderful lesson for all children to hear!

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Jesus Taught About Giving Bible Craft

This fun craft, based on the the story of the “widow’s mite” found in Mark 12:41-44, will help kids learn about this story and think about giving, both with money and in other ways. Teaching kids to be generous at a young age can help them develop a gracious spirit for life.

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Jesus Taught About Forgiveness Bible Craft

This tissue paper craft, based on Jesus’ teaching on forgiveness found in Luke 15:11-31, will help children learn the story Jesus taught and remember the difference forgiveness can make in our lives. This is an important lesson kids need to learn at a young age.

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Love One Another Bookmarks

These printable bookmarks, based on John 15:17, will be a regular reminder to kids of their need to love one another. They can be used in a homeschool setting, one-on-one, or in a classroom setting like Sunday School.

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