Palm Sunday Bible Activities

Below you will find a listing of all Palm Sunday Bible Activities related to the story of The Triumphal Entry on Palm Sunday found in John 12:12-19 as well as the other three Gospels. The most recently-posted activities are identified at the top of the listing below. You can find an extended article about Palm Sunday here. You can find a full listing of the stories we cover here.

The People Honored Jesus Match Game

This Palm Sunday matching game features close-ups of Jesus and others who were excited to see Him make His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem. This free, printable activity will help kids learn what happened that day and that Jesus is worthy of our worship!

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Palm Connect the Dots

This connect-the-dots Bible activity for children is a fun and engaging art project designed to highlight Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. It will help your children remember what happened on that first Palm Sunday.

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People Honored Jesus Word Tiles

This Palm Sunday word tile activity is both fun and memorable. What did the people shout as Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey? This exercise provides the answer and will help kids learn that Jesus is worthy of worship and like no other!

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Palm Sunday Hidden Message Word Search

This is a wonderful Palm Sunday Bible activity for older children—a word search puzzle that includes a hidden message. Can your children find all ten hidden words—and the hidden message as well? Sharpen your pencils! Answers are provided.

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