Peter, John, and the Early Church

Following his ascension, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost to empower the disciples and establish the early church. Peter and John had been two of Jesus' Disciples and were now two of the leaders in the early Jerusalem church. These free, printable Bible activities deal with events involving Peter, John, and the early church or some of the events that took place during the final days of Jesus before His crucifixion. They will help learners gain an understanding of several things that happened during that period of time in the church.

John, A Friend of Jesus Jigsaw Puzzle

This simple, eight-piece jigsaw puzzle shows Jesus walking with John and another of His disciples. John’s loyalty to Jesus helps us to understand that we, too, can serve Him faithfully.

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People in the Church Loved One Another Word Scramble

Your kids will have a great deal of fun working this word scramble puzzle based on the story of God’s using Peter to bring Tabitha, or Dorcas, back to life.

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People in the Church Loved One Another Spot the Differences

Let your kids try to find the 13 differences that exist between these two images of Peter and Tabitha immediately after Tabitha was restored to life.

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John Wrote About Love Word Scramble

Use this word scramble to help your children learn some of the elements in the Bible story about John’s writing about love. God used John in a special way, and we can be glad He did, because from John’s writings, we learn some wonderful and important truths about love and about God! Sharpen your pencils!

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John Wrote About Love Spot the Differences

How skilled are you in finding the differences between these two pictures of John writing down God’s message? How skilled are your children? Find out! You’ll have a great time together as you do this Bible activity!

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John Wrote About Love Match Game

Let your children play this match game! They’ll have fun, even as they turn over tiles that show various elements in John’s surroundings as he wrote the Book of Revelation while exiled on the Island of Patmos.

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John Wrote About Love Jigsaw Puzzle

Let your children work this jigsaw puzzle, then remind them of the importance of the message it presents. God is love!

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John Wrote About Love Color By Number Page

Use this color by number activity to remind children of the contribution the apostle John made when he wrote letters to Christians in his day. God used him in a great way!

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Jesus Began the Church Jigsaw Puzzle

Jesus started the church, and He used Peter and some of his other followers to do so. In this jigsaw puzzle, Peter is telling people that salvation is found in Jesus. This is a truth that people everywhere need to hear today—just like they needed to hear it then.

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