Simeon and Anna

The story of Simeon and Anna, found in Luke 2, is a beautiful reminder that Jesus was the long-awaited Messiah who fulfilled all of the hopes of God’s people. Below is a list of free, printable Bible activities you may want to use if you're preparing a lesson on Joseph and Mary's visit to the temple with baby Jesus when he was seen by Simeon and Anna.

Simeon and Anna Match Game

The setting for this match game is the encounter Simeon and Anna had with the infant Jesus and with Mary and Joseph in the temple complex. Who among your children can find the most matches?

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Simeon and Anna Secret Code

This Bible activity for children—a secret code—highlights six elements of Simeon’s and Anna’s encounter with the Baby Jesus, as well as an important “bottom line” truth. What did Simeon and Anna know about this baby? Why was He special in ways no other human being ever was or ever will be? Give your kids an opportunity to learn by “cracking the code”!

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