Believers in the Early Church

Sacrificial love is the key to releasing the power of God's Kingdom. Few demonstrated it better than the followers of the early church, as seen in the Book of Acts. From the story of Phillip and the Ethiopian, to a seamstress, named Tabitha, who tirelessly made clothes for others, we see the spirit of servitude and love illustrated by the early church.

And this servitude paid off! Tabitha, also known as Dorcas, served for years. The bible even says that, “she was always doing good works and acts of charity.” She extended so much love and compassion towards people, that when she died, Peter, a disciple of Christ, raised her from the dead so she could continue to be a positive influence. Imagine how many more lives she was able to affect!

A similar story held true with Phillip. A brave disciple of Christ, Phillip traveled around the country, spreading the gospel. Per Acts 8, on one such trip, Phillip helped an Ethiopian official, who was struggling to understand a certain passage of scripture. Phillip explained how the man in the scripture was Jesus, the savior of mankind, and later that same day the official got baptized and went away rejoicing. By extending service and love, Phillip opened the eyes and heart of the Ethiopian, along with many more people.

These Believers in the Early Church Bible activities for children will help kids see how the early church loved one another and extended that love towards others. We should follow their loving examples in our lives and in the church today. People still need the love of Christ, and they always will.

People in the Church Loved One Another Word Scramble

Your kids will have a great deal of fun working this word scramble puzzle based on the story of God’s using Peter to bring Tabitha, or Dorcas, back to life.

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People In The Church Loved One Another Word Tiles

“God wants me to love others.” This word tiles exercise drives home this important point. Give your children a chance to do this fun Bible activity!

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People in the Church Loved One Another Spot the Differences

Let your kids try to find the 13 differences that exist between these two images of Peter and Tabitha immediately after Tabitha was restored to life.

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The People In The Church Loved One Another Word Search

This wordsearch puzzle is a great Bible activity! Let your kids find all ten of these words, each one of which relates to the story of Tabitha’s being restored to life in Acts 9:36-43.

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People In The Church Loved One Another Match Game

The story of Tabitha in Acts 9:36-43 emphasizes the importance of God’s people to show love to one another. This match game will help your kids become familiar with the story—and the lessons in love that it has for believers today.

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Philip and the Ethiopian Jigsaw Puzzle

This fun jigsaw puzzle is a great activity for your children to do as you talk to them about the importance of telling others about Jesus.

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Philip and The Ethiopian Hidden Pictures

In this picture of Philip talking with the Ethiopian official about Jesus, pictures of ten small items are discretely placed. Can your children find the hidden pictures? They may even find several you’re unable to find!

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Philip’s Journey Maze

In this activity, three intersecting mazes form one maze. Can you make your way through it from Jerusalem to Gaza? Your children quite likely can, and they can show you the right way. Be sure to give them the opportunity to do so.

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Philip and The Ethiopian Word Search

This word search puzzle will help kids remember the details of Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian. Can you find all the words?

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