The Wise Men

Traditionally, the wise men (Magi) have been treated as part of the Christmas story because Matthew records their visit immediately after he tells of the birth of Jesus. He notes, however, that their visit was "after Jesus was born in Bethlehem." In all likelihood, the visit of the Magi probably occurred around 2 years after Jesus' birth. This would explain why Herod ordered the massacre of boys who were two years old and under (Matt. 2:16). The wise men were learned men from the east who came looking for "the King of the Jews," in order to worship Him. The activities below are related to this famous story.

Wise Men Word Search

Finding key words in this word search activity helps children understand various aspects of the story of the wise men’s visit to worship Jesus.

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Wise Men Crossword Puzzle

This simple crossword about the story of the wise men helps children learn key themes in the story.

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Wise Men Hidden Pictures

Finding the hidden items in this picture of the wise men gives children a fun activity to do as they learn that the wise men worshiped Jesus.

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Wise Men Match Game

This match game about the wise men’s visit to worship Jesus helps children learn the key elements of the story.

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Travel With the Wise Men: Maze

Helping the wise men find the child Jesus by working this maze helps children understand that the wise men had to travel to see Jesus.

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