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Bringing Christian History Alive for Kids

The most important thing any children’s Bible teacher can do is… teach the Bible! It is here that children can encounter the very voice of God. Whatever else you may consider doing with your kids, please do your best to engage them with God’s Word every time you meet. This should be non-negotiable.

Enhance Your Bible Teaching

It’s important to remember, however, that God’s work did not end with the 1st century AD. God’s activity in the affairs of humankind has been evident throughout Christian (Church) history. Children’s Bible teachers can further prepare their kids by incorporating Christian history into their lessons. Bringing Christian history alive for kids will help children understand that God’s story continues to unfold and they have a place in it. Taking a few moments in each class to comment on things like how the Bible came to be, historical artifacts, historical figures, and what God continues to do around the world will greatly enhance your children’s Bible class.

Bible Characteristics and Inception

The Bible is the Word of God, and it is the most important tool for success in a Christian’s life. Learning how it came to be and its unique characteristics will help students be more prepared to face future challenges to their faith. Learning facts about the Bible’s development will support their understanding of Bible culture and historical timelines. (Click for more information about how the Bible is organized and how to teach basic Bible skills.)

Biblical Objects, Artifacts, and Places

Students make connections between biblical events and modern ways of life when presented with information about Biblical objects, biblical artifacts, and biblical places. It helps them realize the Bible is not fiction and is, in fact, a real part of history. Taking a moment to describe biblical objects and biblical places can foster a greater comprehension of biblical events.

Notable Christian Figures

Famous Christians throughout history can inspire children to pursue God’s will in their own lives. A special connection to these Christian heroes gives them roots. Seeing the ways God has used Christians in the past, and continues to use them today, helps kids realize He is always active and will never leave us.

Christianity Around the World

Because God is involved in the lives of people all over the world NOW, current events quickly become a part of Christian history. Mentioning past and current events in areas around the world will help kids see God’s hand in current events and help them know how to pray for the needs of other Christians. It will increase awareness of dangers and incite a passion to be an obedient Christ-follower.

Learning about Christian history will help children close the gap between Biblical times and our times. This information will better equip kids to understand the Bible more, face future challenges, and make an impact on today’s world.

Kim Bond

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