Bible Skills Articles

If we believe the Bible is God’s Word, then we should help our children develop a love for the Bible that includes the ability to navigate its pages and understand how the Bible is organized. The articles below can help you teach kids important Bible skills as well as understand WHY Bible skills and knowledge of the Bible are important. In addition, we also have free activities that can help you with this important task.

Scripture Memory and Dwell Differently

Sunday School Zone has partnered with Dwell Differently, a monthly Scripture memory membership service. Their monthly Scripture designs help members memorize one verse each month with the help of a temporary tattoo, an art print, and key tag. And now you’ll be able to find a select number of their art prints (beautiful coloring pages)…

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The Topical Memory System for Kids

Memorizing Bible verses is a great habit to develop for kids and adults alike. Brain science studies have confirmed the long-term benefits of committing literature or Scripture to memory. Anxiety goes down and spiritual confidence goes up! Having God’s Word hidden in their heart helps kids make good choices and be reassured of eternal truths.…

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Reasons to Study the Bible

There are many reasons to study the Bible, but perhaps the most basic reasons rest in what the Bible is and what it does for us. Anyone such as a Christian parent or children’s Bible teacher should have a firm conviction that the Bible is a different kind of book in its nature and provides…

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Bible Interpretation Principles (Part Three)

This is the third of three articles on Bible interpretation principles. Read Part One here and Part Two here. Understanding some basic Bible interpretation principles will help anyone who is teaching the Bible (to any age group) or simply desiring to have a better understanding of the Bible in general. The Bible is a book…

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Principles of Interpreting the Bible (Part Two)

This is the second of three articles touching on principles of interpreting the Bible. Any serious student or teacher of the Bible should be concerned with interpreting the Bible accurately. The Bible is God’s Word. We must approach it carefully and respectfully. We can’t interpret Scripture just any way we wish. There are principles that…

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Principles of Interpreting the Bible (Part One)

Volumes have been written on the topic of biblical interpretation. My goal here isn’t to contribute anything new to the topic within the academic world, but to provide some broad (and brief) principles for those who aren’t lifelong “biblical scholars.” Even though you’re not a “Bible scholar,” you’re probably teaching the Bible at some level…

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The Value of Knowing Bible History

The Bible is not a theology book, although it clearly speaks to theological issues. Neither is it a book of fiction, even though it contains some of the most fascinating stories ever written. The Bible is a collection of books, sermons, poems, letters, and other types of literature that all contribute to a grand, divine…

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Important Bible Verses for Kids

There are certain verses that affirm certain critical truths in a very concise way and, therefore, are “important” verses for children to learn and memorize, especially when the skill of Scripture memory is new to them. Here are just a few. In some instances only a phrase from the verse has been included in order…

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Encouraging Bible Verses for Kids

Many kids today need encouragement from the Bible and people who love them. Here are some verses that kids who need encouragement may find helpful. Keep in mind that simply citing verses or providing a printed list by itself is not nearly as powerful as reinforcing the Scripture with genuine love. In many instances only…

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