Bible Verse Lists

Thanksgiving Bible Verses for Kids

Whatever else you may do to underscore the value of gratitude during the Thanksgiving season, one of best things you can do now or at any time of the year is to take your kids to the Bible and let them hear what God Himself has to say about giving thanks. As you might imagine,…

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Find 101 easy to memorize Bible verses for kids at Sunday School Zone!

101+ Easy Bible Memory Verses for Children

Parents and teachers, want to help your kids memorize Scripture? One of the most important things for young minds is to plant the word of God as early–and as often–as possible. Teaching the Bible to young ones, and then helping them to memorize it verse by verse, plants important spiritual seeds in their minds and…

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Bible Verses About Christmas and the Birth of Jesus

Any holiday or special event that is broadly recognized in our world provides a good opportunity to open the Bible to see what God’s Word has to say about the season or occasion. Of all the annual holidays, Christmas clearly stands out as the most popular AND it points to the birth of our Savior,…

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God’s Unfolding Story Memory Plan

This list of Bible verses will reinforce the six elements of God’s Unfolding Story. Parents or teachers who are using God’s Unfolding Story in some capacity may find these verses helpful especially as Scripture memory verses. Some of the verses are longer, so this list may be best for older kids or approached in a…

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