Christmas Articles for Leaders

In addition to a long list of free, printable Christmas activities and resources for leaders, we also have a good collection of articles that we hope will encourage you and help you in your ministry to kids.

No Bible Class This Week?

It’s not uncommon for churches to adjust their schedules during the holidays to accommodate the need for families to spend time together. That’s particularly true when Christmas Day falls on or near a Sunday. This can “ruffle some feathers” in a church, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Churches are able to give significant…

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Christmas Mourning

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” – so begins the peppy holiday song. But for many who are suffering a loss, including children, the holidays are anything but wonderful. For them, Christmas morning will be a time of Christmas “mourning.” They will open packages they didn’t want or ask for. These “packages” will…

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Christmas Conversations

You have the decorations. You have the gifts and the wrapping paper. You have all the ingredients for all the Christmas goodies and you have the best intentions to make sure you share the REAL meaning of Christmas with your kids this year. What you don’t have is time! Despite the fact that retailers throw up the Christmas…

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The Messages We Send About Christmas

The Holidays. We love them, but sometimes we dread them, too. Our society has placed such an emphasis on “stuff,” that most of us find ourselves, soon after Thanksgiving, stressing over money and tight schedules, and how will we ever get all the gifts and make it to all the events this season? This has…

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Doing For Others

We are teaching and raising the “selfie” generation. Perhaps this problem is as old as Adam, but our children today often are not only indulged, but over indulged. This can, and often does, manifest itself in angry outbursts, manipulation, shallow relationships, and a spirit of ungratefulness. So where do we draw the line? How do…

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Bible Verses About Christmas and the Birth of Jesus

Any holiday or special event that is broadly recognized in our world provides a good opportunity to open the Bible to see what God’s Word has to say about the season or occasion. Of all the annual holidays, Christmas clearly stands out as the most popular AND it points to the birth of our Savior,…

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