Christmas Helps for Parents

Many Christian parents want the Christmas holiday to provide a meaningful season of fun, family, and learning for their kids. It’s a great time to reinforce the biblical teachings regarding the birth of Jesus and the real significance of this great event. These Christmas helps for parents are intended to encourage, inform, and challenge you as a Christian parent to take advantage of this wonderful season.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Encourage Faith in Kids

It’s that time of year. Christian parents and teachers are thinking about appropriate Christmas gifts for their kids. So, why not use the gifts themselves as opportunities to encourage a child’s faith? The right gift can become a regular reminder that Jesus is more than a reason to celebrate Christmas. Now, please understand that we’re…

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Jesus, His Name

The name “Jesus” is the English transliteration of the Greek Ιήσούς /YEY-soos/. Jesus (Ιήσούς) is the Greek name for the Hebrew name “Joshua” (Yeshua), which means “Yahweh is salvation” or “Yahweh saves.” Bible names are almost always significant and that is certainly true of Jesus’ name. Naming Jesus After learning his fiancée Mary was pregnant,…

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Bethlehem, a small town located about 5 miles southwest of Jerusalem, is best known as the place where Jesus was born (see Luke 2:4-7). Ephrath (or Ephrathah) is another name for Bethlehem. It can actually be visited today, although it is in Palestinian controlled territory. Bethlehem in the Bible The town is first mentioned in…

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