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The Sunday School Zone Lead Volunteers Leadership Blog addresses the ongoing needs of those in a church or children’s ministry organization who are responsible for leading the volunteers engaged in that ministry. Josh Denhart, the host and creator of Lead Volunteers, is a veteran pastor and ministry leader who provides regular, ongoing leadership advice for those in the trenches of ministry.

Check out Josh’s brief videos (typically about 2 minutes) and blog posts below that will encourage you, inform you, and equip you as you develop your own leadership skills and, in turn, equip others to deepen and expand the ministry of YOUR organization!

Lead Volunteers: An Orderly Ministry is More Appealing

It is amazing to me the differences between an orderly ministry and a disorderly ministry. A ministry that is clean and clutter free just seems more appealing. Mirror Image? I have to take you back 10-15 years ago when I was a high school chemistry teacher. I taught next to a teacher and our rooms…

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Lead Volunteers: Walk with the Wise

Walk with the wise and become wise. A companion of fools, however, suffers harm. Have you ever noticed that when you spend a lot of time with an individual, you begin to say some of the same phrases and have some of the same jokes? You begin to carry out some of the subtle rhythms…

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Lead Volunteers: Automate Everything

I have a passion for automation. I have a passion for setting up systems and processes that can reduce human involvement and maximize ministry output. Common Questions Let me give you an example. During my time in church ministry, I kept an email folder called drafts. Inside of that folder were 25 different common questions…

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Lead Volunteers: Do You Really Want to Grow?

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (a little over 2 minutes), Josh asks three important questions to help you examine your own personal growth and your own growth strategy. This is an important issue for any ministry leader. Ministry in the local church can take a toll on your spiritual life. Your own personal growth…

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Lead Volunteers: The Whole Thing is About the Gospel

Seeing The Risk and The Reason Early in ministry, a wise leader warned me that the detail, disorder, and drama that comes with the sheer volume of tasks needed to run a ministry can quickly eclipse the Gospel. The whole point of recruiting is to further the Gospel. The whole point of having a well-staffed…

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Lead Volunteers: Share The Opportunity

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (just over 2 minutes), Josh explains why you should perceive recruiting volunteers for your children’s ministry as an important aspect of discipling those people. As a leader, you are called to disciple those you lead. When you lead your people well, you are helping them grow in their walk…

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Lead Volunteers: Ask God, He Gives Generously

Are you good with handling the details of paperwork? What about keeping up with current and complicated tax laws? Taxes are complicated. Since I am not the greatest individual with whom to entrust details of paperwork, the responsibility of filing my taxes gets outsourced to a tax professional. Years ago, I called my tax guy…

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Lead Volunteers: “Feel Free to Say No”

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (less than 3 minutes), Josh talks about his most important recruiting phrase; “Feel free to say NO.” Really?!?!? How can we get people to say YES when we give them so much freedom to say NO? Josh explains why this makes a difference in recruiting efforts and helps you…

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Systems Take Time, Systems Make Time

Over the years, I have been accused of spending an inordinate amount of time on the front end of a task or project. I sometimes live by the old adage “kill two birds with one stone.” Instead of merely completing the task or project, I also create a system to make completing the same task…

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