The Lead Volunteers Leadership Blog

The Sunday School Zone Lead Volunteers Leadership Blog addresses the ongoing needs of those in a church or children’s ministry organization who are responsible for leading the volunteers engaged in that ministry. Josh Denhart, the host and creator of Lead Volunteers, is a veteran pastor and ministry leader who provides regular, ongoing leadership advice for those in the trenches of ministry.

Check out Josh’s brief videos (typically about 2 minutes) and blog posts below that will encourage you, inform you, and equip you as you develop your own leadership skills and, in turn, equip others to deepen and expand the ministry of YOUR organization!

Lead Volunteers: Make Decisions in Community

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (right at 2 minutes), Josh challenges leaders to realize that “you do not have what it takes to effectively move forward and make good decisions.” That’s why you need to make decisions in community, rather than in isolation. This is an important realization that can transform your ministry and…

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Lead Volunteers: Promise Little, Produce Much

All of us in ministry desire to please the people we shepherd. Part of pleasing them involves letting them know what we want to do, our future vision, and future ideas. As these ideas and visions are shared, people begin to attach and latch on to the ideas that you bring to the table. They…

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Lead Volunteers: End Today with Tomorrow

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (right at 2 minutes), Josh encourages leaders to end each day thinking about tomorrow. He explains that, “your mind can be doing some heavy lifting for you while you sleep.” If you find yourself struggling to keep up and wondering how you might become more productive, you’ll want to…

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Lead Volunteers: Communicate in Meaningful Ways

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (less than 2 minutes), Josh explores the value of expressing gratitude and communicating with volunteers in meaningful ways. “Volunteers need to be thanked in a way that matters to them,” he notes. Perhaps there’s someone who needs to hear from you today? Lead Volunteers video episodes by Josh Denhart…

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Lead Volunteers: Are Your Volunteers in a Miserable Job?

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (less than 3 minutes), Josh talks about the characteristics of a miserable job. This is the kind of job you do NOT want your volunteers to experience. How can you be sure the volunteer jobs you create are rewarding and the people you put in those jobs are not…

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Lead Volunteers: Building Others to Do the Work of Ministry

In this episode of Lead Volunteers (less than 2 minutes), Josh talks about your role in building others to do the work of ministry. He asks, “What are you doing right now? And, who are you training to do that thing?” According to Ephesians 4:12, this is your calling and job… Lead Volunteers video episodes…

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